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Safe entrepreneurship has everything to do with legal certainty. ensures that certainty. You pass on your preferences within five minutes and one of our specialists goes to work immediately.

mr. René van der Horst, specialist agreements & privacy

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Terms and conditions

Would you also like a secure business? With good terms and conditions you limit risks, lay down standard rules and save a lot of time.

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Privacy statement

A privacy statement is mandatory for 99% of organizations. Answer the questions and the specialist will draw it up specifically for you.

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Cookie statement

Do you use cookies on your website? If so, a cookie statement is mandatory. Don’t have one yet? Acquire one right away.

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Processor agreement

A processor agreement is mandatory when you provide personal data to a third party.

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Processing register

Do you process personal data? Then you must draw up and maintain a processing register.

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Website disclaimer

Website disclaimer

Make sure you’re not held accountable for false information on your website or references.

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NS boete

Reclaiming NS fine

Draft a request to get your paid NS fine back.

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Easily reclaim tax money from the tax authorities

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Customers preceded you

Want to have a secure, worry-free business as well?