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mr. René van der Horst, specialist agreements & privacy

  • referentie-ronald-eekhoorn

    Very useful website if you want to have a privacy and cookie statement quickly, which are nevertheless customized for your specific situation. The questionnaire is easy and quick to complete and all documents appeared in my inbox within two hours!

  • We at DWE know everything in the field of power supply, but we are happy to leave other areas to the experts. For us, very quickly set up a clear privacy statement, cookie statement and disclaimers in Dutch and in English which we could use immediately. One less worry for us!

  • referentie-tom-steffens

    As a starting entrepreneur I try to do many things myself. But you cannot understand everything. I know little about legal matters myself. Via I quickly and easily arranged reliable and appropriate privacy and cookie statements for my company's website!

  • referentie-maurice

    Thanks for the quick, personal and good service when creating my terms and conditions! Professional and tailor made in Dutch and English.

  • Super fast, super precise! Think along nicely!

  • For my company BleuberryhillCare I experienced the GDPR screening at with lawyer René van der Horst as very pleasant and professional. A company that delivers tailor-made documents in a highly professional manner at an affordable rate!

  • Our experience with is that they deliver fast, accurate and customized agreements. Very satisfied with it. Well-fitting advice for every (difficult) situation, a trusted legal partner for us.

  • referentie-suzan

    Working with is always a pleasure. In addition to being professionally and knowing exactly what they are talking about, there is always room for the personal side and lots of humor. We can really appreciate that, we love doing business with

  • referentie-harm-jan

    Legal documents for a good price. Quickly handled. Recommended.

  • referentie-roban

    René has helped very well with the professionalization of our company, with the drafting of new general terms and conditions and a purchase and license agreement for all new Fyle customers. Very nice service. Recommended.

  • referentie-bereslim

    I have been able to arrange legal affairs quickly and easily via The service is professional and pleasant; good to be able to rely on such expertise.

  • We are very happy with our new general terms and conditions and agreement that fully match our target group. So happy that we immediately ordered a cookie statement, privacy statement and disclaimer. Fast, friendly and above all good service!

  • referentie-danny

    Making a privacy policy always falls in between. Because of I finally had one made for my websites. No hours of writing, but made by the specialist for me based on a number of questions.

  • referentie-jeroen

    Thanks to, we have a suitable cookie and privacy statement. Now we know for sure that we have properly covered the cookie and personal data. No hours of unnecessary contact, but a quickly delivered statement that we immediately implemented.


Terms and conditions

Would you also like a secure business? With good terms and conditions you limit risks, lay down standard rules and save a lot of time.

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Privacy statement

A privacy statement is mandatory for 99% of organizations. Answer the questions and the specialist will draw it up specifically for you.

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Cookie statement

Do you use cookies on your website? If so, a cookie statement is mandatory. Don’t have one yet? Acquire one right away.

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Processor agreement

A processor agreement is mandatory when you provide personal data to a third party.

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Processing register

Do you process personal data? Then you must draw up and maintain a processing register.

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Make sure you’re not held accountable for false information on your website, references or emails.

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Reclaiming NS fine

Draft a request to get your paid NS fine back.

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Easily reclaim tax money from the tax authorities

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