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In addition to the disclaimers, you will receive a free users guide. Because it is not only important to have the disclaimers, but just as important to use them properly. The disclaimers do not apply if you do not use it properly.

The perks of website and email disclaimers:

  • Limitation of your liability

  • Better protection of your intellectual property rights

  • Not liable for (incorrect) information

  • Professional appearance

Frequently asked questions

What is a website disclaimer?

A website disclaimer ensures that you are not liable for the (erroneous) information on your website. In addition, by using the disclaimer your liability is excluded for references to other websites or sources. Your intellectual property rights will also be better protected. For example, visitors are pointed out that they can not just copy texts or use ideas.

Why do you have to use a website disclaimer?

Example 1: You have made a typo and put the offered product on your website for € 100.00 by mistake instead of € 1000.00. Fortunately, the disclaimer ensures that you do not have to handle the incorrect price.

Example 2: You have placed a link on your website to another website and it appears afterwards that this website is used for phishing and fishing. Your disclaimer then ensures that you are not liable for the referral.

Where should you place the website disclaimer?

A website disclaimer is usually placed at the bottom right of the website under the heading ‘disclaimer’. Visitors of your website will in most cases not read the disclaimer before they use the website. Every visitor who arrives on the website automatically declares by using the website that he agrees with the conditions stated in the disclaimer. The conditions are set up in such a way that you can safely use your website.

Note: the copyright also applies to a website disclaimer. Do not use a disclaimer from another person without permission. In addition, when you copy, you do not know whether the website disclaimer has been drawn up by the specialist. Copyright also applies to our website disclaimer.

What is an email disclaimer?

The e-mail disclaimer warns the recipient that the information and attachments may be confidential and that certain rights and obligations are attached. By using the disclaimer you request an unintended recipient to let you know that the mail has been sent to an incorrect address. You also request the recipient to delete the mail.

Why should you use an email disclaimer?

You’ve probably already experienced it once. In all haste, you send a confidential e-mail to someone else than intended. Then you hope that nothing is done with the information.

Fortunately, you use an e-mail disclaimer that protects you. The disclaimer protects you from the dissemination or disclosure of information that you accidentally send to someone else. Even if you send a mail to a correct address, the disclaimer protects you against the dissemination or disclosure of sensitive information.

What are the perks of an email disclaimer?

An e-mail disclaimer exudes professionalism and the disclaimer clarifies the rights and obligations for the recipient.

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