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  • We are very happy with our new general terms and conditions and agreement that fully match our target group. So happy that we immediately ordered a cookie statement, privacy statement and disclaimer. Fast, friendly and above all good service!

    Katja Poltavets


  • referentie-roban

    René has helped very well with the professionalization of our company, with the drafting of new general terms and conditions and a purchase and license agreement for all new Knalgeel customers. Very nice service. Recommended.

  • referentie-maurice

    Thanks for the quick, personal and good service when creating my terms and conditions! Professional and tailor made in Dutch and English.

    Maurice Meijer

    Polymammoth - 3D Sculptich and Graphic Design

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Easy and quick

Answer the questions in just 10 minutes. Our specialist will start working for you right away.
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The conditions will be drawn up by one of our legal specialists. Therefore we guarantee excellent quality.
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You receive the custom made terms within 4 hours if you answered the questions before 5 p.m.

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This gives your customers a safe feeling, because they know that they are made by the specialist. We guarantee excellent quality. Our specialists are also at your service for questions.

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Answer the questions

Answer the questions within ten minutes. Our specialist will start working for you right away.


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You can receive the custom made terms and conditions in your inbox in just four hours.

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Free users guide

Crystal clear users guide for the proper use

Next to the terms and conditions you get a free users guide. Because it is just as important to have good terms as it is to use them properly. Theconditions namely don’t apply if you don’t use them properly.

The advantages of terms and conditions:

  • Limiting your liability

  • Standard agreements don’t need to be taken up in every contract

  • Future disagreements are prevented

  • Very exceptional situations are also covered

Frequently Asked Questions

What are terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions are also referred to as the ‘fine print’. They are basically agreements between you and your customer. The terms are among other things about liability, way of payment, guarantees, intellectual property etc.

What are the advantages of terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions make sure that your liability is limited. Next to that you don’t have to include standard agreements in every contract and future disagreements are prevented. Lastly, very exceptional situations are also covered.

Why do you use terms and conditions?

Example: You sold a product and it hasn’t yet been paid by your customer. Suddenly your customer goes bankrupt. Luckily your conditions include a reservation of ownership. This means that the product isn’t included in the bankruptcy and that you can retrieve it.


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