Simply reclaim tax from the tax authorities

Easy to calculate

Get tax back from the tax authorities by averaging!Using the calculation tool you can immediately calculate how much tax you can get back from the tax authorities.
Fill in at least three years income from work and home in the calculation tool. You will see the income you need to enter on the back of your definitive declaration.

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What is your refund?

Fill in your income from work and home of three consecutive years (see the back of your final assessment).


Example: Paul graduated in 2009, he earned € 5,000 in this year with a part-time job. In 2010 he started working and he had € 27,000 in income. In 2011 Paul has € 31,000 in income. By means of averaging, Paul can receive € 542.00 in tax from the tax authorities.


Mediation is a regulation by the tax authorities to accommodate people who have a variable income and therefore have to pay more tax. At the tax authorities it is not possible to calculate how much you can get back. You must send a request for averaging by post to the appropriate tax office to recover the excess tax paid. A calculation must be added to the averaging request. Especially the calculation is difficult. That is why you can use our free and online calculation to calculate whether you can get your tax back from the tax authorities and you can then have the averaging request calculated. So you can easily use averaging and you can easily get tax back from the tax authorities.

Check the terms and request your overpaid tax money today

  • Valid for income from work and house (box 1)
  • Over a period of three connected calendar years
  • The assessments over these years need to be definitive
  • You have to be liable to taxes in the Netherlands during these years (you meet these requirements among other things if you live in the Netherlands)
  • None of these years have been used for mediation before
  • The last used calendar year for mediation can’t be older than 36 months after the assessment of that year has been made irrevocable. An assessment is irrevocable if the term of six weeks for objection, appeal, higher appeal or cassation has passed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have not filed a tax return in one of the years, can I use the averaging regulation?

Yes, for this you must first determine the taxable income from work and home (box 1) and enter it by the year. If you had no owner-occupied home in the relevant year, the taxable income is shown on your annual statement(s).

In one of the years I got married, can I use the averaging regulation?

Yes, you see the income for each separate benefit on your joint final assessment. You can both do your own averaging request. For this you only use your own income.

Can you also use the averaging arrangement when you are over 65?

You can also use the averaging arrangement if you are 65 or older in one or all years. However, different conditions and an adjusted calculation apply. Do you want to know if you can get tax back? Give us your details and we will do the calculation for you.

In one of the years I did not have an income, what should I fill in?

If you did not have income or a negative income in one of the years, because you had studied or suffered a loss, you can enter 0 for that year.

I had rent allowance, health care allowance or other allowance in one or more years. Does the averaging arrangement affect this?

Averaging does not affect the received allowances. It is therefore not the case that the supplements already received will be adjusted in those years and that you will have to reimburse part of the surcharges.

You can retrieve tax money through mediation in the following cases

  • If you have started working in the last couple of years

  • If you have stopped working or have been fired

  • If you have received a severence pay

  • If you have started working less

  • If you have taken unpaid leave

  • If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur

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