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General terms and conditions

Do you want to do business safely? With good general terms and conditions you limit risks, lay down standard rules about liability and payment and save time.

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Privacy statement

For 99% of the companies a privacy statement is mandatory according to the AVG. Don't you have one yet? Answer the questions and our specialist will customize it for you.

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Do you use cookies on your website? Then you are obliged to inform your visitors with a cookie statement that you place on the website with a cookiestatement.

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Data processing agreement

A processor agreement is an agreement between an entrepreneur and a process is required if you provide personal data to another party or process the personal data of another party.

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Processing register

Do you process personal data? Then according to the AVG you are obliged to draw up and maintain a processing register. We will arrange it for you in no time!

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With a website disclaimer and e-mail disclaimer you ensure that you are not bound to any incorrect information on your website and in your e-mails.

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Protocol data breaches

Thanks to this protocol, it is clear in a single repository who is responsible and what needs to be done in the event of a data breach or questions about privacy.

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Non disclosure agreement

Make sure that the confidential information you share with another party also remains confidential. Our specialist will prepare the document specifically for your situation!

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Employment contract

An employment contract includes all agreements on, for example, salary, non-competition clause, holidays and confidentiality. We offer different kinds of employment contracts.

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Assignment agreement

Prevent a self-employed person or freelancer from being regarded as an employee. This agreement contains all agreements between the client and the contractor.

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Cooperation agreement

Record all the arrangements between you and the other party. Such as the purpose of the cooperation, liability, intellectual property and the distribution of costs and revenues.

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VOF contract

This contract contains all agreements between the partners. Among other things, the cooperation, distribution of results, powers and confidentiality are covered.

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Management agreement

This contains all agreements between the holding company (management company) and the working company. Among other things, the management fee, liability, work and confidentiality a

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Settlement agreement

In the event of dismissal by mutual consent, the severance pay and agreements are laid down in a settlement agreement. This is also referred to as a termination agreement.

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Permanent employment contract

An employment contract of indefinite duration is for employees who are or have been employed for more than 3 years. All agreements with the employee are included in the contract.

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Temporary employment contract

For employees that you (first) want to keep for a maximum of 3 years. The agreement contains agreements on salary, holidays, non-competition clause, etc.

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Current account agreement

Receivables and debts between DGA and company or between companies are booked via a current account. The agreement contains all agreements regarding the current account.

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Zero-hour employment contract

A 0 hours contract is one of the on-call contracts. The number of hours is not determined in advance. The on-call worker is only paid for the number of hours worked.

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Min max employment contract

A min max contract is one of the call agreements. You let a on-call worker work a minimum and a maximum number of hours in a certain period of time.

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Employment contract director-major shareholder

This (mandatory) agreement contains all the arrangements made with the Director. For example, agreements on salary, holidays, non-competition clause, etc.

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Influencer agreement

Avoid ambiguity by recording the agreements with the influencer in an influencer agreement. This way, both parties know exactly what is expected of them.

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Sharholders' agreement

Make additional arrangements with the shareholders in a shareholders' agreement, usually when establishing a company. Confidential, easy to modify and prevents conflicts.

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Money loan agreement

Provide security with regard to a business loan. Record all agreements in writing in a loan agreement and prevent annoying surprises and conflicts.

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Purchase agreement

A purchase agreement contains all the core elements related to the purchase. This provides clarity for the buyer and seller about the purchase and prevents disagreements.

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User terms digital products

Make sure your customer knows what he can and cannot do with the digital material so that the material is made public, distributed or copied less quickly.

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Terms and conditions webshop

We draw up general terms and conditions for webshop specifically for webshop owners. We take into account, among other things, a possible right of withdrawal.

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Basic agreement

With a basic agreement you have all the important agreements with your customer on paper. Agreements about what you sell, the price, delivery, etc.

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WOZ objection

Disagree with the WOZ value? With the help of our super smart system, you can draft a perfect legal objection letter yourself! Making your own objection increases the changes.

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